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Accolade Award of Recognition Symbol

Pacific Micromedia Receives
Accolade Film Competition
Music Video Award for
Salish Dream


Music pervades media.

Media is increasingly viewed
in shorter bites on smaller screens.

Pacific Micromedia ‘s focus
is on music driven
smaller media.

For over 20 years,
Pacific Micromedia has
composed music and media
for smaller evolving screens.


This is the trailer for Salish DreamSalish Dream is dedicated to the health, vitality, and sustainability of the Salish Sea.   Currently over seven million people live in the areas around the Salish Sea.   Many health factors of the Salish Sea are declining. How can we raise awareness of the value of the Salish Sea and support for its care? One way is to gently remind people of what value it provides us by simply being in its presence.   Salish Dream is an attempt to do that in the entertaining format of a music video with 3D spirits dancing in a live action Salish Sea setting.

This is the Salish Dream music video.

Art Nouveau is a style of art and architecture most popular between 1890 and 1910.   This music video takes the viewer on a quick trip through some of the Art Nouveau architecture found in Spain and France.


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